Types of Sports


There are many different types of sports. All of them are played by people, and they involve physical contact. Some of them are played by two people simultaneously, such as wrestling or tennis. Some other types of sports involve a team of people. Still others are played by two people at the same time, such as board games and motorcycling.

During the Cold War, sports were often viewed as an expression of national pride. Although Soviet-bloc countries tended to beat Western nations, major Western countries began to create state-sponsored athletics programs. As a result, many poorer countries found it difficult to compete on the world stage. Nowadays, however, sports have become popular around the world, and are considered a symbol of power, prestige, and distinction.

Emotions are an important part of the sporting experience. They reflect how an athlete views their own performance and the performance of others. Some feelings arise before the game, while others occur during it. In each case, a player’s emotional experience is guided by the subculture of the sport. This subculture has developed “feeling rules” for athletes to follow, such as how to behave during the national anthem or a postgame victory celebration.

Sports developed in the nineteenth century and spread to other countries during the 20th century. As a result, they became a part of globalization, as people, ideas, and cultures began to interact with one another around the world. This process has led to the development of national sports organizations, the standardization of rules, and special competitions such as the Olympic Games.